Did You Know?
by posted 07/25/2014


Dorr Rec is a non profit organization, run entirely by volunteers. We organize all of the youth sports activities in our community, and strive to create the best environment possible for the enrichment of our community's youth.

Dorr Rec is not connected with any of the township offices. Our positions are not on the township ballots, and we are not voted into office by the residents of the community. Our board members and trustees are 100% volunteer, giving of their time, energies, and gifts in support of each of our programs.

Our meetings are open to the public and fall on the last Wednesday of each month. If you wish to get involved, become a trustee or board member, we don't require a petition with a minimum number of signatures. Simply contact us at , come to our monthly meetings, and tell us where your passions are to get involved with our youth activities. 



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