4th of July Parade ~ Dorr, MI                                                                                                                     

How do I register?                                                                                                                                 

Register at Dorr Township Hall                                                                                            

How much does it cost?       

Non profit organizations are free, but still need to be registered.

For profit companies are $50.

If you belong to the DBA (Dorr Business Association) it's also free, but you still need to be registered.


DIRECTIONAL TRAFFIC for parade line up.


Starting this year, we are introducing directional traffic for the line up.  All people/floats/trucks etc in the parade or dropping off people to be in the parade will need to enter from north side of town. 

Coming from the East:  Use 14th St (carwash) North to 144th Avenue, West to 18th St/Byron Center Ave.

Coming from the West:  Use 20th St North to 144th Avenue, East to 18th St/Byron Center Ave.

From the South:  You will want to take 18th St North to 142nd Avenue and either go East or West.  Follow above directions.  You will to do so by 10AM as the road will be closed at 142nd and 18th at 10:00AM.


Where do I line up?

Legion Folks will line up in the American Legion parking lot, up close to the building.

Floats, mini bikes & quads will line up in Cooke Farms - enter the neighborhood on Cooke Farm Drive.  If you are dropping off a float rider, do so in the parking lot behind Project Hope (143rd).

Horses will line up on the south end of the American Legion out towards 18th Street.

Pedal Bikes/Walkers will line up on the north end of the American Legion out towards 18th Street.

Tractor & antique cars will line up on Sunset Drive (between the library & funeral home).

Commercial vehicles will line up on the shoulder of the south bound lane of 18th Street in front of the funeral home.  Please have a spotter on either side of your truck to ensure safety for all.

Map for parade route with line up locations


When do I line up?

9am line ups start.  Look for parade coordinators in neon green shirts for instructions.


When does the parade start?

Parade starts at 10:30am


What is the parade route?

Parade starts at 18th & Cooke Farm Drive, south to 142nd Avenue, West to the Moose Lodge (20th & 142nd Ave).